The most common question a virtual counselor hears is “What is online counseling?”.  The next question, “You don’t have an office?”.  The answers to these questions are simple.

Online Counseling

Online counseling is still face-to-face therapy.  It’s conducted through a virtual and secure website and absolutely confidential.  It is no different than in-office therapy other than it being conducted with the use of computers, tablets or phones.  You still are talking directly to a licensed counselor.  Additionally, you are receiving the same counseling services wherever you feel most comfortable.  You may be at home, work or outside during your appointments.  It’s completely up to you.

No Office

Virtual counselors don’t have a physical office because we don’t need one.  We often work from a confidential and secure space.  This makes it easier for our clients to schedule evening, early morning or last-minute appointments with us.  When we don’t have an office that we have to meet you at we can meet you anytime!  Our appointment times are often more flexible than an in-office therapist’s.

No Driving

Because we don’t have an office that you have to come to for your appointment that means no driving and no stressful scheduling.  So many counseling clients seek online counseling because of their busy schedule.  When you don’t have to drive all the way across town to make it to your appointment on time the stress goes away.  Additionally, this makes scheduling appointments easier.  Feel free to log-in to your appointment wherever you are.  If you are at home have a seat on the couch.  If you forgot about your appointment and just got a reminder while you’re at the grocery store go ahead and have your appointment while parked in your car.