The Mental Health Assessment and Why Therapists Use Them

Mental health assessments are common in therapy.  They are completed by mental health professionals like counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists.  And can be used to determine a diagnosis, issues that may be a focus of counseling, and symptoms.  Then, the information received from the assessment can be used to determine if treatment is necessary and to guide follow-up appointments.

How Mental Health Assessments are Conducted

Mental health assessments are conducted in a number of ways.  They can be conducted by individuals on their own or with the help of a therapist.  Often, it may be a combination of both.  First, a set of assessments may be given to you to fill out and “scored” by the therapist.  This scoring provides the therapist with information necessary for diagnosis.  Next, the therapist may have an “interview” or first meeting with you to gather more information about your answers or concerns.  Finally, there may also be interviews with family or individuals close to you if needed and approved by you.  All of these steps are then brought together to determine treatment.

Why People Need Mental Health Assessments

These assessments are needed for a number of reasons but they are beneficial for both you and your therapist.  For example, for the therapist they provide detailed information about you.  They describe a picture to the therapist about what needs to be focused on and how they can better help.  For you, they give a better understanding of why there might be a need counseling and what issues you might want to be a focus of therapy.

Conducting Mental Health Assessments Online

Pillar Counseling conducts mental health assessments through our online platform for your convenience and faster response times.  Fast response times allow you to receive necessary information quicker such as a diagnosis or next steps in treatment.  We find clients appreciate our fast response times because it allows them to move forward with therapy and begin focusing on more positive mental health.

How It Works

Once you’ve set up an appointment with Pillar Counseling we will give you access to a client portal.  The client portal is where you can complete your assessments.  These will be automatically sent back to our clinical staff.  Then, at your scheduled appointment you and your therapist will continue with the assessments by going through a structured interview that will provide more detailed information about your concerns.  After the first appointment your assessment will be complete and ready for your review.

To schedule a mental health assessment with Pillar Counseling reach out by phone at 636-465-9233 or email at