Pillar Counseling - Students - Four Signs Your Student May Need Counseling ServicesYour student seems shut down and withdrawn

Students who are overly quiet and withdrawn may be showing a typical sign of depression.  This depression could be affecting their relationships with others and increasing social isolation. While some students may be more introverted than others, an emotionally healthy student will look for other students to build friendships.

Your student seems overly shy

Anxiety is common in school age children and adolescents.  These students may feel unable to answer questions in the classroom or choose to withdraw from group projects. Students may be experiencing anxiety due to a fear of judgement and bullying from others.  Or they could be coping with a lack of self-confidence. Counseling can help address these feelings.  It can also help students increase feelings of self-worth that will support the student in their school experiences.

Your student frequently reports they aren’t getting enough sleep

Additionally, it is all too common for children and teens to want to stay up past their bedtime to text their friends or get caught up on social media. Although, it should be noted when students are regularly attending school seeming as though they didn’t get enough sleep or acting as if they had a busy evening the night before. These students may be experiencing difficulties at home and may benefit from outside counseling to address their emotional concerns.

Your student often doesn’t turn in homework or forgets to complete assignments

Finally, Attention Deficit and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders are common in children and teens. Although, they can go unnoticed or misdiagnosed as laziness or defiance. Students who frequently turn in incomplete assignments or don’t turn in assignments at all may be experiencing ADD/ADHD that can be addressed with counseling and psychoeducation.