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Counseling During COVID-19 Social Distancing

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the social distancing regulations there is a greater need for online counseling.  Being quarantined and stuck in one space can be an obstacle to work through mentally.  Additionally, the fear of leaving your safe space can be just as difficult to overcome. The use of online counseling it is both safe and effective.  You may be able to work through many of the mental challenges of social distancing and the anxiety associated with a pandemic through counseling. 

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What is Online Counseling?

The most common question a virtual counselor hears is “What is online counseling?”.  The next question, “You don’t have an office?”.  The answers to these questions are simple. Online Counseling Online counseling is still face-to-face therapy.  It’s conducted through...

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What is Anxiety and How Is It Diagnosed?

When Stress is Actually Anxiety Often people know they are experiencing worry and stress but aren’t sure if it is normal or mental health problem. They don't know if they need to seek counseling for help with a diagnosable disorder such as generalized anxiety disorder...

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Foster Children – 3 Reasons to Seek Counseling

Trauma Many children and teens living in the foster care system have experienced abuse, neglect, multiple moves, and a number of other negative experiences all identified as trauma. Counseling for foster children helps them to address any difficult memories and...

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3 Reasons Online Therapy was Right for Me

My Choice to Seek Online Counseling For years, I knew that I needed to do something different when it came to my stress, anxiety, and overall emotional health.  Whenever I thought about seeing a counselor, I always came up with an excuse.  After discovering online...

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