Pillar Counseling - Foster Children - 3 Reasons to Seek CounselingTrauma

Many children and teens living in the foster care system have experienced abuse, neglect, multiple moves, and a number of other negative experiences all identified as trauma. Counseling for foster children helps them to address any difficult memories and process through these negative experiences, supporting them in moving forward with a more positive outlook for their future.


Often children and teens in foster care experience excessive stress but don’t have the appropriate words or feelings to express how they feel. Counseling helps them to add words to their feelings of stress and to implement coping skills that can be useful in decreasing anxiety and worry.

Unstable Home Environments

Children who experience unstable home environments have often learned to care for themselves and their siblings. Because of having to grow up so fast in an unstable home, children moving to more stable foster homes may experience mood swings and emotional outbursts. Counseling helps to support foster parents in addressing these difficult emotions while also helping foster children learn that they now live in a supportive and safe environment.