Counseling During COVID-19 Social Distancing

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the social distancing regulations there is a greater need for online counseling.  Being quarantined and stuck in one space can be an obstacle to work through mentally.  Additionally, the fear of leaving your safe space can be just as difficult to overcome. The use of online counseling it is both safe and effective.  You may be able to work through many of the mental challenges of social distancing and the anxiety associated with a pandemic through counseling.

Pandemics and Mental Wellness

A pandemic can be a major contributor to stress and anxiety.  There may be stress related to fear of an illness or anxiety about what might happen if you or a loved one were to contract the virus.  Online counseling with Pillar Counseling and Mental Wellness can help alleviate the fears and worries associated with a pandemic by providing a safe space to talk through your stress and work through your anxiety symptoms.

Social Distancing and Isolation

Social distancing also creates a fear in people and discourages social contact.  This decrease in social interaction can be a negative factor in mental health and can be alleviated with online counseling.  The use of online counseling is easily the most effective form of social connection during times of social distancing.  Working through your fears, stress and loneliness with a licensed counselor can be a great way to combat the depressive thoughts often experienced in isolation.

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